Teaching a workshop

Last weekend I taught a workshop. We set the day aside on Sunday from 9am to 2:30pm to talk about birthing naturally. 

It's true that I have a "day job". I work full-time for an oral surgeon (and I really enjoy my job). But THIS... teaching these classes, is my passion. To spend the day with couples expecting a baby during one of the most exciting times in their lives, is a day well spent. We have snacks, talk about how the body works in labor, practice different techniques for coping with contractions, and discuss any concerning issues that may be present for them in thinking about their upcoming birth. My teaching style is very relaxed and personable. We dress comfortably. We open the door if it's sunny. We sprawl out on the floor if we get tired of sitting. As a group, we laugh about bodily functions. Sometimes we find that we have similar feelings of fear or inadequacy about becoming parents. At the very least, we discover ways of working as a couple WITH the process of labor to give birth in a way that suits them. I tell a lot of stories- mine and those of the other couples I've helped. (I've been attending births as a birth assistant/doula since 2006). The time goes by quickly and I send my students on their way with practical tools that they can practice and develop until their baby comes! My next class is scheduled for May 1st and there is one coming up in July after that. I'd love to meet new faces (and bellies)! You can click the "register" button above to sign up if you're ready. Or, use the "contact" section to send me a little note and let me what you need! I'd be honored to help in any way that I am able!